What Makes Us Different?

There are many like us but they don't quite measure up

100% Premium Ingredients

About Our Ingredients

Each bomb is made with real Belgian chocolate (either milk chocolate, white chocolate, or caramelized white chocolate), filled with a homemade, custom cocoa mix, and stuffed with delicious micro mini marshmallows.

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The Process

Behind Each Bomb

We know each cup of hot chocolate is more than just a cup. It's a chance to share a memory with loved ones.

All of our hot cocoa bombs are made with special house blends designed to give you an experience worth sharing in every cup.

Premium Belgian Chocolate

The Chocolate Shell

We only use 100% Belgian chocolate for our shells. We offer Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Or a Gold (caramelized) White Chocolate.

Premium House Blends

Taste Every Little Difference

Countless nights were spent balancing ingredients in order to give you the best tasting hot chocolate experience.

Every bomb is filled with our premium house blends of cocoa and other infused spices to give you BIG flavor.

A Lot of flavor in a little package

Hot Cocoa Bombs

That's it!

All you need is a mug and about 8 oz of hot milk or water. Pour the milk over the bomb and watch it explode with marshmallows!

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